• Posterity

    Not all digital platforms stand the test of time, but I can always hope that those I create will.

    Uploaded below is my summary video of our Heidelberg 2014 adventure. You may download it (254 MB) to your own device, in case someday I too fail the test of time.

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  • Ready, set…

    Hold up, there’s too much to do before leaving!

    From the comfort of one week before the trip, I write this first post to explain this site’s purpose. Memorial University of Newfoundland offers students the opportunity to study abroad, in Germany! After completing the first two German language courses (GERM 1000/1001), students are able to register for the Heidelberg Field School, a 5 week course with 1 week in Berlin, and 4 weeks in Heidelberg.

    The Berlin component of the course is a historical and cultural examination of Berlin, the Capital of Germany. One week is dedicated to exploring the architecture, art and history in this vibrant and ever-evolving city.

    After Berlin, students are enrolled in German language courses at Heidelberg University, living in a beautiful, picturesque city complete with a castle! The Berlin and Heidelberg components together are worth 3 German courses, or 9 credit hours. It is a great experience to explore new cultures and develop German language skills with native speakers. Inexpensive weekend trips allow participants to explore even more of Germany (and even other parts of Europe!)

    This year, 23 students are registered for the program. All of us are likely in the same situation right now: still trying to sort out paperwork, finishing off last minute assignments and papers, deciding what to bring and worrying about all the travelling, tickets, and planning what to do during our Freizeit!

    Follow us here as we embark on our journey. The first official day of the program is July 27, 2014. Talk to you soon!