We are on our way!

Julie, Jonathan, Jescinda and I are trying to keep entertained during a 12 hour layover in Halifax. I think a good nap will be needed later, since we had to get up around 4am. Our flight to Frankfurt doesn’t leave until 7:45pm tonight. It will be a simple overnight flight, and we land in Frankfurt at 7:15am Sunday morning.

Fish Tales

Turns out, I was able to find the best source of entertainment! Not quite as clean as the ones back home, but I still managed to get a free game :). If I had more change on me, it would surely start to get expensive.

You can actually follow our flight across the Atlantic here: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/CFG63. There is a small delay for this data, but it will still show our progress across the Atlantic tonight!

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  1. Lisa /

    Glad you’re not too bored. Yet. Have a great trip!

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