Dan Joannis

B. Eng, Electrical Engineering (2018)
DEC, Electronics Engineering Technologies (2012)

Applied experience with Electronics, RF, and IT.


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IT Consulting

Server Administration, IT Support, Computer Repair, Web Development, VoIP PBX, SIP Trunking


Vehicle Repair, Targa Bambina 2017 (Car #345)


Repair of Solid-State Bally, Williams, and Gottlieb

RF Testing

Antenna Testing, QA, Debugging. Macro, oDAS, iDAS.

Electronics Design

Circuit Design, PCB Layout, Assembly, Embedded Hardware, KiCAD

Problem Solving

Electronics, Technology, Solutions


Here is a selection of things I've worked on:



Technology has always inspired me. With the 386s, walkie-talkies, and RC toys of my childhood, I saw an entire world in technology. As soon as I was old enough to wield a screwdriver, I discovered how to take things apart. How to break them. And most importantly, how to fix them.

Personal Info

  •   Ottawa, ON
  •   me@danjoannis.com


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